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The KLM Rescue

Video - KLM Rescue

    In 1954 a KLM DC-4 made an emergency landing in the desert 15 miles north of Dhahran. Of all the places in Arabia, the pilot probably found the ideal spot to ditch his plane. No one was injured and Aramco was nearby with the men, expertise and equipment to rescue the plane with elegant efficiency.  To see the web video of this operation please click below.
    This footage is courtesy of The Cantrell Collection. It was shot by Dean Cantrell and originally edited by Alice Cantrell. Our thanks to the Cantrells for preserving and sharing these rare moments in the visual history of Aramco and the Kingdom.

Aerial Shots of Dhahran, Ras Tanura & Qatif in 1947

Norseman - 1947

Nordyne Norseman ~ 1947

    These aerial shots of Dhahran, Ras Tanura and Qatif  were taken by Les Snyder from a Nordyne Norseman in 1947. The key to understanding the Dhahran footage is the location of the tennis courts and that turqoise gem set atop the rocky jebel - the swimming pool. It is difficult today to realize that at one time, more than 50 years ago, everything east of the swimming pool was desert.

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