These links to other sites offer a variety of useful and intriguing resources for visitors interested in Saudi Arabia and the early days of Aramco

   Coming soon, Out in the Blue will be serialized worlwide in Arabic in Asharq Al-Awsat. Look for it anywhere that Arabic language periodicals are sold or read it online at the above link.

   Out in the Blue was serialized in The Arab News. For a look at the current news in the Kingdom, click above.


0_SGlogo11.gif (7214 bytes) The Saudi Gazette is now on-line to provide English readers with yet another look at the Kingdom's news.


     For invaluable information about the caves of Saudi Arabia, plus so much more, this is one site that anyone who is enthused about the natural history of Saudi Arabia or the cultural legacy of Jeddah can not afford to pass up.



Worlds Apart specializes in organizing tours to Saudi Arabia as well as Yemen, Oman, Iran and Pakistan, to learn more about their activities click on the logo above.

    The Aramco Expats website is a great source of information about clubs, organizations and current events in the Saudi Aramco districts as well as a sort of community bulletin board for Aramco retirees around the world.


    Saudi Aramco's on-line photographic archives, spanning from 1933 to the present, are a special treasure. An eloquent visual record of the company and the Kingdom over the last 68 years, you can see them by clicking on the logo above and selecting photo archives from the menu.

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    The American Business Council of the Gulf Countries represents the more than 700 U.S. companies doing business in the Gulf, where it fosters American business activities, encourages positive U.S. Government commercial policies and promotes cultural understanding between Americans and the citizens of the Gulf.

To contact the ABCGC,select this link: http://www.abcgc.org/index.htm

The Unofficial Aramcon E-Mail directory at www.aramcoemaildirectory.com is a comprehensive contact resource for employees and dependents, past and present, of Saudi Aramco, Aramco, ASC, AOC & Tapline.

Chevron hosts an excellent introduction to Max Steineke and the early exploration of Saudi Arabia at The Great Arabian Discovery