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Khamis bin Rimthan

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Khamis, at the left, with two of Bin Mansur's soldiers near the Wadi Dawasir.
The Tuwaiq Escarpement is in the background.

        Khamis bin Rimthan was a legendary Ajman guide known throughout Saudi Arabia for his tracking skills and his incredible sense of direction. In 1935, he was drafted by Emir Saud bin Jiluwi to serve as a guide for the first geologists.Though reluctant to leave his family for months at a time, he took on the assignment and served as the single most important Saudi in the early exploration of Arabia by Casoc's field geologists. Not only did he guide them, but he also introduced them to the finest qualities of Bedouin life and the grace of its traditions.  Somehow, he also learned to understand their fractured Arabic, so that he acted as a go-between the geologists and the Bedouin they met in their travels.