Karl Hoke ~ Photographer

    Karl took these photographs during a cross kingdom trip that he made in the summer of 1973. Leaving from Al Khobar he traveled as far as Abha and back in what he has described as "probably the most thrilling experience I've ever had."
    These six pictures have been professionally reproduced as a set of 11 by 14 inch prints on high quality, heavyweight matte surface paper suitable for framing.
    To purchase a set of these delightful photographs, please contact Karl at Karl Hoke. The cost is $40.00 which includes shipping and handling.

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1_kh4T.jpg (6999 bytes)

Father & Daughter
on the road to Abha


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Sailor on a dhow in the Persian Gulf


1_kh2T.jpg (5791 bytes)

Bedouin, near Abha


  1_kh3T.jpg (7405 bytes)

Small boys, west of Riyadh


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Potters at work in Hofuf
2_kh5T.jpg (7798 bytes)

Old style building in Taif

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