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Emir Saud bin Jiluwi

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Emir Saud bin Jiluwi was the Governor of the Eastern Province
for more than 30 years. This picture was taken in the middle 1960s.

       Saud bin Jiluwi’s father, Abdullah - a close cousin to King Abdul Aziz, participated in the capture of the Masmak fort in Riyadh in 1902. Abdullah threw a spear at Ajlan, the Al Rashid Emir of Riyadh, but it missed him and stuck in the door to the fort. Before Ajlan could close the door, Abdul Aziz grabbed him. He kicked the king in the groin and fled. Abdullah chased Ajlan down and killed him.
       Abdullah was the King’s right hand man. They were companions in arms throughout the three decades of campaigns that ensued as Abdul Aziz built his kingdom. Abdullah died in 1934 and his son, Saud, carried on as Emir in the same spirit as his father. The wrath of Saud bin Jiluwi was feared far and wide, from the border of Oman in the south to the Kuwait Neutral Zone in the north.