Virtual Khobar ~ Then & Now

Al Khobar in the early 1950s          

Downtown Khobar, 1952

Interior of the Al Rashid Mall, Khobar 2001

    In the mid 1970s, while lingering in an electronics store in Khobar, I watched the owner sell a 400 riyal boom box to a Korean worker. The entire transaction was conducted in Korean! It was then that I realized that if men from Mars were to land in Saudi Arabia, by the next day the merchants of Khobar would be able to count past a thousand and say, "Because you are my friend, I will give you a special discount." ... in Martian.
    In the spirit of these cheerful, agile entrepreneurs who transformed a sleepy fishing village into the glittering commercial center of Eastern Saudi Arabia, we are pleased to offer our own Virtual Khobar, an on-line suq of gift ideas.

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