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     This ancient tablet inscribed with a variant of Himyaritic text was found in Qatif. It is more than 1800 years old.





Out in the Blue

Out in the Blue  

    2001's best-selling English language book in Saudi Arabia, Out in the Blue: Letters from Arabia 1937 - 1940.  The price is $34.95 plus $5.00 S&H.

The Hundred Men

The 100 Men    After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Casoc, later to become Aramco, struggled to maintain operations with a skeleton crew of barely 100 Americans and just over a thousand Saudis. This was the time of the Hundred Men which is so ably depicted in Philip McConnell's book of the same name. A lively personal account of those difficult days in the company's history, The Hundred Men was published in 1985 and is now available directly from the Selwa Press for $17.95, plus $5.00 S&H.

(The Hundred Men -  paperback, 200 pages, Currier Press, 1985 ISBN 0-9615087-1)


Books from Other Vendors

    The following books are available directly from other sources. They are not connected with this site but we think these books would be of interest to any reader who has lived in the Kingdom. 

Ibn Saud: King by Conquest      Nestor Sander went to Saudi Arabia in 1938 as Casoc's first dedicated petroleum paleontologist. A year later he met King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud and his intellectual life was forever changed.
     Throughout a distinguished career within his profession, he remained fascinated by Abdul Aziz and made it his avocation to study every publication that he could find  about the King and his Kingdom. The result, Ibn Saud: King by Conquest, is a fresh, erudite look at the Desert King that is enjoyably readable.

Now available at Amazon.com ~ Ibn Saud: King by Conquest


       Mary Beardwood's The Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia is an excellent introduction to the history of the Peninsula, its people and the rich diversity of its plants, animals and marine life. With countless photographs and illustrations it clearly explains a myriad of subjects from Bronze Age tombs in Oman to the sail-shaped, 321 meter high, Burj al-Arab building in modern Dubai, from the techniques of Bedouin weaving to the adaptive characteristics that allow desert mammals to survive in the desert.
            Though it is entitled a "Children's Encyclopedia", this beautifully produced volume is packed with so much information about so many diverse subjects that it is guaranteed to fascinate any reader of any age.

Now available at Amazon.com ~ The Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia


Looking Back Over My Shoulder     Larry Barnes went to work for Aramco in 1947 and stayed for 30 years. His book Looking Back Over My Shoulder is definitely the funniest account ever written about ordinary life in the early days of Aramco and because he is so irreverent, it is also probably the most accurate story ever written about what it was really like to be an Aramcon in the 1950s and 60s. Beneath the hilarious one liners and parting shots at the foibles of Aramco management, Larry's story offers a poignant insight into the comraderie and spirit that made these golden days of the Aramco experience so unforgettable to those who lived them.
      Looking Back Over My Shoulder is available directly from Larry at lbarnes@ne.rr.com. The price is $12, which includes shipping. As Larry says, "You won't find a better deal anywhere."


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