Hair Pin or clasp, bracelets and porcelain shards

        The three white pottery pieces with blue designs are porcelain; it is either porcelain imported from China or porcelain made in the Middle East. Imported Chinese porcelain began appearing in the Middle East in the 9th century - the Abbasids (eg Harun al-Rashid) were particularly avid consumers of Chinese ceramics (whether porcelain or fired earthenware), which were much admired and imitated. Imitation efforts eventually gave rise to Islamic ceramics as a separate and distinct high art form. Click this link to see a larger photo - Porcelain Close Up.
        However, it seems that true Islamic porcelain did not appear until the12th century. If the sides of these pieces are not white, but sandy or beige, the white is a glaze. White glazes on earthenware ceramics began to appear in the 9th century in the Middle East in imitation of Chinese porcelain. Though the edges of these pieces are white, the patterns look more Islamic than Chinese, but it is hard to tell with only these small fragments.

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