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2001 Best Seller



   Out in the Blue, 2001's #1 best-selling English language book in the Kingdom, is now in its second printing. To our thousands of readers worldwide, thanks for your support as it is your word of mouth recommendations that have made the success of this title possible.



    "Out in the Blue captures a bygone era, hard to imagine now and soon impossible to recollect." 
Ismail I. Nawwab, former University teacher & oil company executive, 1999

    "This book offers rare insight into the work of a handful of men in a harsh hidden corner of our world. Thomas Barger may have been a geologist, but he wrote like a poet to a wife he missed and loved."
Mona Megalli, Amazon Review, 2000

    "This wonderfully poignant, warm and informative story about the early years of geological exploration within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a fascinating and enjoyable read about an important time in my country's history."
Shaikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Former Minister of Petroleum
for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2001

    "Out in the Blue provides a rare and fascinating insight into the Kingdom before it became an oil producer. ... Most of its 125 photos have never been published before."
Ron Williams, The Arabian Sun, 2000

    "I live in Saudi Arabia and have explored some of the places mentioned in this book, but I have a feeling anyone, anywhere, will enjoy the letters of this young, enthusiastic geologist."
John Pint,, 2001

    "...a most informative and charming account of a great adventure as seen through the eyes of a delightful and gifted young man. It is a gripping read, and implicitly instructive about the ways Americans could be dealing with other nations today."
Saudi Aramco World, March/April 2001

    " 'Out in the blue,' there was oil."
Tom Morrow, North County Times, December 2000

    "If anyone is searching for a summer read of vicarious adventure, try this book about the early days of the contemporary oil industry. ... [It is] a book that serves as a reminder of how history can be captured though the lost art of letter-writing."
Andrea Lorenz, Oilweek, July 2, 2001

    "In reading the letters in this book, one learns much about the people, the customs, the geography and the flora and fauna of the Kingdom. What comes across time and time again is how tough a place Saudi Arabia is to survive in."
Curtis W. Brand, Middle East Policy, June 2001

" Many of the pictures of Arabia which accompany the text are from a priceless collection Barger put together over the years. Moving as his letters are, they are also full of acute observations about the land and the people."
David E. Long, author of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Middle East Journal, Autumn 2001

"The letters of the young Thomas Barger written to his new bride Kathleen form a frank, fresh and revealing insight into the early days of oil exploration and the historic ties between two nations."
Out in the Blue Reconsidered, Peter Harrigan, The Saudi Gazette, March 18, 2002 - Complete Review


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