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Shaikh Abdullah Sulaiman

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Shaikh Abdullah relaxing on a dhow in the Persian Gulf - 1945

        "Shaikh Abdullah Sulaiman was a bright, intelligent, enthusiastic man, very lithe and skinny, but full of energy and ideas. Though his title was Minister of Finance, he was really what we would call the "Grand Vizier." He was the King’s minister in every function of the government except for foreign affairs, defense and the government of the provinces. A Najdi from the Qasim, he was with the King from the earliest years and went through the very hard years of the Depression with the Kingdom’s treasury in a tin trunk.
        When the money came in from taxes and so on, it went into the trunk until the King decided to spend it. When the King gave someone a chit for 100 riyals, Abdullah would redeem the chit. This would go on as long as there was money in the trunk, if the money ran out Abdullah would make himself scarce.
        Abdullah was the driving force behind the development of agriculture in the kingdom, especially in Al-Kharj. He was always looking at new ways to further develop new crops or new breeds of livestock. He was a remarkable man, who had the absolute confidence of the King."