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Muhammad bin Khursan

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         Muhammad bin Khursan, our new guide, is not as good as Khamis, but he is a competent guide and has a great sense of humor. He and all the rest of the soldiers get a big kick out of Ernie’s Arabic and take a very active interest in teaching him. Today he wanted to know the English reply when someone held a gun on you and threatened to shoot. He was fascinated when I showed him "Hands up!"
        Usually the Arabs sort of bargain. They say, "By my face, my rifle, and my camel," i.e., I would like to be let off with my life, my rifle, and my camel. Whereupon the one behind the gun decides on how much to allow him.
        Muhammad said that in the 1935 war with the Yemen, he saw something very strange. It seems he came on four Yemenites who potted at him. One shot nicked him in the left shoulder, so he killed three of them with his "Mother of Five," repeating rifle, whereupon the fourth held his rifle before him with the muzzle in the ground. In Muhammad’s words, "I let him go, because I thought he wanted to surrender. I had not seen that before."