Out in the Blue

Table of Contents

Preface vi
Prologue viii
Chapter One
Job, Marriage and Departure  1
Chapter Two
Arrival in Dhahran 5
Map, Bay of Selwa 22
Chapter Three
The House at Selwa  23
Map, Qatif to al-Ruksa  36
Chapter Four
Jiwa  37
Chapter Five
Camp Tarfa  43
Chapter Six
In Search of Jiwa  63
Chapter Seven
Into the Rub’ al-Khali  79
Chapter Eight
North to the Neutral Zone  89
Local Leave in Kashmir  98
Map of Northeastern Saudi Arabia  100
Chapter Nine
Riyadh and King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud  101
Chapter Ten
Camp Minjur, Shauby’s Troubles and the Wolf  109
Chapter Eleven
Ma’aqala  127
Chapter Tweleve
Jabal Dhahran and Disaster Strikes  165
Local Leave in the Levant  174
Chapter Thirteen
War Breaks Out  177
Chapter Fourteen
Jabrin  185
Map, Jabrin to the Wadi Dawasir 202
Chapter Fifteen
The Wudhaihi 203
Chapter Sixteen
To Laila, Sulaiyl and the Wadi Dawasir  229
Epilog  249
Appendix  261
Bibliography  269
Glossary 272
Index  277

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