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Letters from Arabia - 1937 to 1940

A Young American Geologist Explores
the Deserts of Early Saudi Arabia

by Thomas C. Barger

Hardcover: 320 pages, 125 photographs
ISBN: 0-9701157-3-3
Publication Date: November 2000

Comments from very early readers

        "Tom Barger made several remarkable journeys by car into the heart of the Rub' al Khali, into the hinterland of the Trucial Coast and to the farthermost ends of the Wadi Dawasir. An account of these operations and the wonderful collection of photographs and maps have not as yet been given to the world."

    H.R.P. Dickson, 1956, author of The Arab of the Desert and Kuwait and Her Neighbors

        "These letters have proved to be the richest and most detailed set of documents from the early days in Arabia, and I should have been lost without them."

    Wallace Stegner, 1957, author of Discovery, The Big Rock Candy Mountain and Angle of Repose  


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