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       The Jawan Tomb

    Located north of Safwa, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the discovery of this ancient chamber tomb provided a rare glimpse of life in the first century A.D. and a puzzling mystery about the fate of a six-year female - the Jawan Girl. For more details select the tomb icon.



The Hadrian Stele
(Height 48 cm./20 in.)

    More than 1800 years old, the Hadrian Stele has returned to Saudi Arabia. First identified at Meda'in Salih by Tom Barger in 1965, this remarkable evidence of the southernmost limits of Roman power in the Arabian Peninsula was formally transferred from Harvard University to the National Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 31st of March,2001. For more information about the stele, please click on the stele icon.