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Visit of the Sultan of Borneo to the Dhahran School - 1947

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(Photo courtesy of the WE Mulligan Collection, Special Collections Division, Lauinger Library, Georgeown University)

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Left Half

1.Sherwood Case 2.Sec. to the Sultan 3.Patty Dale 4.Jane Seely 5.Charlyn Hamilton 6.David Lunde
7. Danny Leonard 8.Roslyn Flackmeier 9.Patty Hills 10.Bill Tracy 11.Clorence Naurer 12.Jim McPherson
13.Larry Park 14.Bernie Braun 15.Billy Brown 16.David Biggins 17.Nancy Case 18.Jimmy Sullivan


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Right Half

1.Leslie Biggins 2.Carol Dunton 3.Steve Furman 4.Paul Schimdbaur 5.Pat McHugh 6.Mary Pat Singelyn
7.Grace McPherson 8.Janice McHugh 9.Ann Howley 10.Larry Nearpass 11.Mary Leonardini 12.Sultan of Borneo
13.Mike Singelyn 14.Mrs. Colwell 15.Pinky Alexander 16.Greg Nearpass 17.Tom Howley 18.Peggy Sullivan
19.Mike Fulmer 20.Alice Fullmer 21.Sec. to Sultan      

We are glad to say that all the participants have been identified. If we have misidentified anyone, please specify which half and number and email any corrections Dhahran School. Thanks


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