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Group of Men - Old Office Area, Dhahran

Group of Men - Dhahran

Photo courtesy of the WE Mulligan Collection, Special Collections Division, Lauinger Library, Georgeown University

        "I can't identify any of the people, but I can tell you where
the picture was taken.  It was in what was called the Old Office Area,
just across the Khobar road from the old Main Gate. District
Engineering was located there.  There was a little patio area with a
grass patch in the middle.  We had to keep chasing Bedus out when they
would try to bring their sheep in to graze. The area is now Intermediate
housing." ~ Larry Barnes, 3/22/02

Front Row - from left to right

1.W.L. Crampton 2. 3. 4.Glenn Sheets
5. 6. 7.R.A. Nelson  

Back Row - from left to right

1. 2.Charles Homewood 3.A.L. Anderson 4.
5. 6.Partially hidden 7.Howard F. Brown 8.
9. 10.V.T. James 11. 12.

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